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TeachTool is a well-established and unique software designed to remove the hours of planning, preparation and assessment tasks each week - allowing teachers to do what they do best…TEACH!

Lesson plans are carefully planned in line with the National Curriculum and Ofsted inspection framework guidelines meaning that any classroom teacher can feel confident and comfortable delivering any of the subjects below.

TeachTool is currently available for the following subjects:

Art / DT


Musical Theatre








Leap into Literacy


Move With Maths



It has the following functionalities:

  • All videos, images, worksheets, PowerPoints, downloads in each specific lesson – saving the need to visit any other websites or prepare any materials for teaching, simply click print (worksheets) or play (videos). This is also great for e-Safety and avoiding pop ups, ads or inappropriate content.
  • A progress tracker bar which is visible for each class when logging in
  • Ability to teach multiple subjects in one login area
  • Video demos of lessons and games
  • Extra resources such as Christmas projects, Easter games, British Council summer challenge, assembly guides, challenges
  • Clear assessment criteria in line with the new Ofsted framework for 2019
  • Ability to upload class lists at the touch of a button and online traffic light system to track children’s progress which then converts into written reports complete with the school logo to send home (saving teachers hours of marking time!)
  • “Resume” last lesson button to take the teacher back to where they left off
  • Downloadable example subject leader action plan and subject policy ready to edit
  • Children’s quiz area for the end of every unit – the system will generate a login for each child in the class and they can login using iPads/computers/laptops/tablets and complete a series of challenges against the clock to show what they have learnt that half term. This information will then prepopulate the traffic light grid our teachers have historically completed themselves. This will then generate a report for each child every half term to give to parents/class teachers or simply save on file until the end of the year
  • End of year reports – these will be lengthier but using the same system we have for the past 3 years
  • End of unit “notes” area – teachers can add any notes they wish when completing a lesson, these notes automatically get emailed to the point of liaison in the school to ensure the key point of contact in school is aware of the progress and value of their provision - also great for evidence of learning (saving teachers time emailing any feedback and issues!)

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